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Mbulelo Katise launches Nu Tribe Clothing

Yasmeen Osman | 10 April 2017

Scandal! actor Mbulelo Katise is not just a pretty face. He’s also an entrepreneur who just launched his own clothing line, Nu Tribe Clothing.

Connect attended the media launch of Nu Tribe Clothing on Saturday night.

If you’re looking to get the best of both worlds, then Nu Tribe Clothing is for you. The brand has an African theme with a touch of European flair.

The range of clothing includes vests, T-shirts, hoodies and caps for both men and women. Prices range from R180 to R500.

Nu Tribe was founded by three guys who wanted to have a voice as young black people. Speaking about the brand, Mbulelo said it’s about him and his partners starting their own tribe.

“It’s us starting our own tribe where people don’t discriminate against you. It doesn’t matter what colour you are. It doesn’t matter your size, shape, whatever it is.”

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In case you’re wondering how the name of the clothing line came about, look no further.

Mbulelo’s partner is based in London. He contacted Mbulelo after seeing him on Scandal! and created an Instagram account to stay in touch with the actor. The name of the account at that time was ‘The Last Tribe’.

Nu Tribe was originally supposed to be called The Last Tribe, but the name had been already registered to another company. So Mbulelo added the ‘Nu’ and Nu Tribe was born!

The founders had the same vision which was: “Let’s make an African thing but let’s incorporate it with Western culture.” Both men wanted to create something that catered to the youth, but they didn’t have much faith in the project at first.

Check out what went down at the launch.

So what can you expect from Nu Tribe in the future? The brand will be launching in July 2017 in Cape Town and hopes to launch in London in January 2018.

“Nu Tribe is a lifestyle, it’s not just about clothing” said Nu Tribe co-founder. The brand will also be launching Nu Tribe Records soon.

(Featured Image: Abishek Sewnarain)

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