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Here’s how to ace your school exams

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Ace it! will help you ace those exams.

If you want to know how to ace your school exams, you have come to the right place.

Everyone hates writing exams. Doing revision and studying is the worst part. We feel your pain so we have the answer to all your exam problems.

Ace it! study guides will be your best friend during this stressful time.

Connect attended the Ace it! study guide launch to see the new and exciting study guides that just released.

Now we know the question you are asking yourself. Does the market really need another study guide?

The answer is yes! Ace it! understands that not every student has the same style of learning. The guides have been made with this in mind so they suit individual learning styles. They are also the most up-to-date books available.

Ace it! launch. (Picture: Yasmeen Osman)

Most study guides help learners who are in Grade 10 and upwards, but Ace it! helps learners get the best help from an early stage in their school career.

The study guides are IEB and CAPS aligned and cover every major subject from Grade 8 to 12. That is 14 subjects in total!

Each guide comes with visual summaries, sample exam questions and marking guidelines to make sure you are fully prepared for the exam.

Speaking at the launch of Ace it, marketing director Warren Kliphuis said: “It’s hard being a teenager nowadays. You’ve got peer pressure, you’ve got pressure from your parents to do the best that you can, you need to figure out what career you’re going to pursue.”

Teenagers also put pressure on themselves to do well in exams and to look cool. There is just a lot of stuff to deal with.

“In our own small way we’re trying to develop something that takes some of that stress away,” said Kliphuis.

The brand ambassador of Ace it! is a young man who proves that you can achieve anything. Mfundo Radebe started off in the small township of Umlazu, in KwaZulu-Natal, and made it all the way to Harvard University.

Mfundo Radebe. (Picture: Yasmeen Osman)

It just goes to show that if young people are given access to education resources, it can change their lives.

The event was extremely entertaining and informative. And what would a night be without a little bit of magic?

Magician and MC Mo Magic wowed the crowd with his amazing illusions and left them wanting more.

Check out some picture from the Ace it! launch below.

Ace it! study guides are available online on the website and Takealot, or at most bookstores such as Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and Van Schaik for R120 each.

(Featured Image: Yasmeen Osman)

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