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Community guidelines

Tech Inc | 1 January 2015

Connect encourages debate, and most if this is done in our comments section. Sometimes though, people need a little reminding about how to engage in constructive discussions on the Internet (yes, we’re looking at you trolls).

For everyone who’s part of the Connect community, we need you to abide by a few standards. Any comments or interactions that violate these standards will be taken down and any repeat offenders will be blocked from commenting.

  • Comments should focus on topics relevant to the content being discussed. No spam or advertising allowed.
  • Discussion and debate is encouraged, but personal attacks are unacceptable.
  • While hyperbole is an accepted figure of speech, anything aggressively libelous will be removed.
  • Please use a respectful tone and avoid personal attacks.
  • No profanity, racism, sexism, homophobia or hate speech.
  • Respect copyright laws.