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Fashion Friday: Keeping it slick in a slip dress

Zizipho Majavu | 17 March 2017

While it is still summer in the beautiful city that is Cape Town, I plan to make the most of it and soak up the delicious sunshine. And what better way to strut the streets of Cape Town but in a chic slip dress.

The uniquely designed slip dress from Phoebe & Knox has definitely become one my favourite dresses at the moment. The dress is such a great fit, with material that is so comforting to the body.

When it does get too hot this is when we thank the heavens for the modern day style of slip dresses. Just to clarify for those who may not be 100% sure, slip dresses were originally worn as an under clothing garment to prevent the showing of intimate garments.

However, now days most skirts and dresses come with lining underneath that it is not necessary for a person to wear a silky slip dress underneath their clothes. Instead, it has now become norm for us to rock the dresses as a fashion expression.

IMG_6762 photo



Details about the look

Slip Dress and Neck Tie – Phoebe&Knox | Arm Bracelet – Lovisa

Embellished Clutchbag – Forever New | Black Lace Up Heels – Legit.

The slip dress became widely popular in the 90s with people like Princess Diana to Kate Moss dressing up the slip dress in their various stylish ways. Since the outburst of the slip dress in the 90s the fashion trend has once again made its way back into the millennial era, but with a much more contemporary twist to it.

IMG_6767 photo

Modern day slip dresses are absolutely fun to wear and style. Here are some essential style tips to wearing your slip dress without being NSFW, keeping it very smart casual:

Accessories: The slip dress itself is already a statement item, especially if it comes with a cute neck tie like this Phoebe&Knox one. Otherwise keep the accessories minimal and simple, don’t let the accessories take away from the sensual slip dress.

Sweaters/Jackets: For chilly days, add a long cardigan for a boho appearance or a leather/bomber jacket for a more trendy, edgy look. If you don’t feel like showing too much skin casually wear the slip dress over a T-shirt it is always a fashionable and cool way to style the slip dress.

Shoes: Keep the look chic by pairing it with some sexy statement heels. For a more day time suitable look add a clean pair of sneakers or a pair of flat mules should also give your dress a fun, laid-back touch.

IMG_6785 photo

There are so many ways to style and play around with the slip dress. I just love how one simple dress can be so versatile in so many ways, leaving you looking flawless no matter what you do with it. Do check out Phoebe&Knox for more gorgeous styles and clothes, or head over to their Instagram page.

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Aphiwe Khambule

(Featured Image: Aphiwe)

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