Penny Sparrow continues ‘racist remarks’ on Metro FM?

Tech Inc | 4 January 2016

Metro FM radio station shook the social media, by interviewing a caller who went by “Penny Sparrow”, this is not the former Jawitz estate agent who posted on Facebook about black beachgoers.

The “Penny Sparrow” spoof call on Metro FM made waves online, with people saying the lady is outrageous. However,  News24 had an interview with the real Penny Sparrow, who explained what she meant about her Facebook post.

Watch News24‘s interview here:

Listen to the Metro FM spoof interview here: (The fake Penny Sparrow)

702’s Gushwell Brooks spoke to Jawitz Properties CEO, Hershel Jawitz who clarified that Sparrow no longer works for Jawitz, “she left last year in November,” he said. But still uses the Jawitz brand on her social media account and as a reference.

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Jawitz who have been receiving calls, emails and messages about Sparrow’s post said: “She’s not an employee of our brand anymore and we have been a proudly South African company. Whatever actions that should be taken up against Sparrow, Jawitz will support them.”

He admits that the comments made by the Sparrow are affecting the company. Hershel Jawitz has insisted that they have tracked her movements and reported the post on Facebook and have asked her to follow procedures, including to remove Jawitz as references on her social media accounts.

Jawitz also confirmed during the 702 interview that the company might take legal actions against her, and this might also end up with the South African Human Rights Commission.

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